Btc4Everclub Manual

Welcome to BTC4ever club!

What is BTC4ever Club?
We are a community of people providing financial help to each other on the principle of good will to all. You provide help (PH) when you can, and you receive/get help (GH) when you need it.
It is a community of people that is based on trust, sincerity and charity. It is all about PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE!! (I HELP YOU, YOU HELP SOMEONE, AND SOMEONE HELPS SOMEONE ELSE)
We provide you a technical basic PROGRAM or avenue, which helps millions of participants worldwide to find those who NEED help, and those who are ready to PROVIDE help for FREE.
No one is forced to join the BTC4Ever Club and you are under NO obligation whatsoever!!
When we put Btc4ever together we had a vision to make this platform fully functional on its own. While this is happening don’t stop visioning why you here. We are here to have a better future amongst us and we hope you all have the same vision. If we keep sharing this vision and inviting people daily, we will all have a future of financial freedom.
The success of BTC4everclub DEPENDS ENTIRELY ON THE MEMBERS. By donating help to each other, you can help change each other’s financial position.
How does BTC4Ever Club work?
➢ The system is automated. No upload of payments or contacting donors to approve your payment.
➢ When you PH, your principle amount is set to grow by 20% in as little as 24 to 36 hours.
➢ You will be matched to pay someone and when you GH someone will be matched to pay you.
➢ Once the PH reaches 460% it expires, and you must PH again with the same amount or higher.
➢ You are allowed only ONE account.
➢ You can make 6 Donations in TOTAL
➢ But only ONE per day.
➢ When you share with others you will receive a bonus:
• 10% on level 1
• 3% on Level 2
• 2% on level 3
• Once you have a team of 20 Direct referrals (your Level 1) and a total of $100 000.00, you will receive a bonus of $5000.
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➢ This System has been designed to last forever, with the innovative features implemented to ensure
that participants remain active.
➢ We built this platform to become sustainable after we have a sufficient number of members.
➢ How is it possible to make this wonderful system self-sustainable?
• A Cycle means you PH. This makes you an active member.
• This PH is used to help another.
• Once you have helped another you will then be set to GH.
• Once you have been helped again you go to PH. (this is what we call auto-PH)
• When you’ve reached 22 auto re-PH’s the cycle ends and you will have made your profits on this PH.
• This means your PH has matured to over 460% (total of 22 PH’s and total of 23 GH’s).
• At that stage your PH will expire and will disappear from your PH Data in the Back office.
• You need to donate “new money” and start your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. PH Cycles.
• Eventually we will have members maturing their PH on a daily basis.
• This means on a daily basis member will donate “new money “to their following cycle.
• Therefore we will have a constant flow of “new money”
• This is what makes this system self- sustainable
With YOUR help we can reach a self-sustainable system as soon as possible by inviting new members.
We have done our Part to give you this GREAT Platform and opportunity. It is now in YOUR hands to make it the
BEST in the world!
Our Mission, Vision and Value statement
➢ Mission:
• Our Mission is to take this wonderful opportunity to the community to help each other by way of
donating money to each other and to assist our community to create a Better Future.
➢ Vision:
• Our vision is to share this opportunity to others as much as we can to be able to build a strong and
self-sustainable platform to help each other to create a better future for us all.
➢ Our values as Admin and members:
• Passion for Excellence: We do our best at all times by sharing and helping others in need of help
• Communication: We encourage open, consistent and two-way communication
• Member Focus: We care, and we want to make the difference in the world
• Innovation: Good is never good enough and we seek new and better ways
• Integrity: We always do the right thing and not only the easy way. We strive to be honest.
• Proactivity: We take the initiative to make things happen
• Diversity: We treat everyone as equals and value differences
• Fun: We enjoy what we do by sharing and caring
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Rules for BTC4Ever Club
➢ Please FOLLOW the rules of BTC4EVERCLUB. Failure to do so will result in a permanent ban from
our Groups, and a 60 Days Blocking of your account:
• Each person can only have one account
• Do not sign up if you don’t have funds available
• If you do not fund your account in 48 hours, your account will be deleted automatically
• This is an Automated and get help system
• Fund your internal wallet and it will auto PH
• GH is automated
• Once PH is done, your first GH will be within as little as 36 hours
• Refunds are not allowed as it is a voluntary donation
BTC4Everclub Process:
➢ Once signed up you will have an in-active Internal Wallet until you fund it.
➢ By funding your Internal Wallet, you will unlock your back-office account and will be ready to
Provide Help. You will only be able to receive help until you provided help.
➢ Meaning of PH – Provide help
➢ Meaning of GH – Get help
➢ Email verification and captcha will be on login for security purposes
➢ This is a donation plan where you proved help from $20 to $100. (0.005 – 0.0275 current bitcoin
➢ Depending on the members’ numbers we will gradually increase the limit to $500 or as per revision
➢ The system is automated and accepts bitcoin only
➢ From your second PH (or PH’s) it will grow automatically with 5%.
➢ Profit from your GH will be available in your internal wallet
➢ You will auto re-PH until you reach 460%
➢ Withdraws take place automatically after every 7 GH’s and will be paid direct into your external
chosen bitcoin wallet
➢ Minimum withdraw is $20 (so if less than $20 it will stand over until next payment)
➢ A 5% admin fee is charged on every withdrawal which will be used to make the system better and
BTC4EverClub Benefits
➢ No uploads or proof of Payment or contracting donors is necessary
➢ Referral Bonusses will be in your internal wallet automatically
➢ Automated withdraw after every 7 GH’s
➢ Every time your referrals funds a new PH you will receive a referral bonus, which has the potential
to become an ongoing recurring bonus.
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How to sign up on BTC4Ever Club
➢ You must have a referral link from the person who told you about BTC4Everclub
➢ You need an email address
➢ You need a funded bitcoin wallet
➢ Create a password and enter your bitcoin receive address
➢ Once email is verified, you need to fund your internal wallet in order to have access to your back
office and to provide help
➢ BTC4Everclub is a community people who help each other for free, and absolutely consciously out
of own free will. The community transfer money directly to their own internal wallet, i.e. peer-topeer.
➢ There are no formal organizations no legal person in BTC4everclub. We are participants, simply
private persons all over the world and nothing more!
➢ There are no special registrations, permission and licenses in here. BTC4everclub is absolutely legal
and does not break any laws, because there are only money transfers/donations between private
➢ It is important to underline, that BTC4everclub does not cheat or abuse anyone.
➢ Everyone is fully informed about the possible risks from the very beginning.
➢ Everyone agrees during the registration and confirming that he/she was informed about the
➢ The crypto currency market fluctuates tremendously and this may affect your withdrawals. Keep
abreast of the price of bitcoin and fluctuations.
➢ BTC4Everclub cannot be held responsible for what happens in the crypto currency
➢ BTC4Everclub can only function for as long as the crypto currency market and specifically bitcoin
remains viable.
➢ Please only spend what you can afford to risk and nothing more!
➢ NB!! It stays your responsibility to be updated with your country’s tax laws and to declare your total
income per Tax financial year.
➢ BTC4Everclub does not take any responsibility for your taxes and decisions you make.
➢ It is YOUR Duty to do what is lawfully right!!
➢ It is important to understand that there are no guarantees. We have set this up with the tools we
have available to us right now. If the world changes we will have to adapt but for now this is
what we can offer and will certainly endeavour to make it better all the time.
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Useful links:
➢ Joining Links:
• Please ask the person who introduced you to this platform for his link, to be able to register.
➢ Video Presentation:
➢ Main Website link for visits:
➢ Telegram and Whatsapp link:
• Please ask the person who introduced you to this system for the link or he/ she will add you to the

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